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Are you thinking of buying a 360-degree camera? Perhaps you are a mountain biker or motorcyclist looking for a way to record your rides, or maybe you indulge in other exciting pursuits, and want to show your friends and family what it’s like from another perspective? Used by v-loggers as an excellent method of video portrayal, 360-degree cameras are the very latest in camera technology, so if you are looking for one, we invite you to check out the quality models available at 360 Cameras, the leading name in the market for South Africa.

360 Cameras was founded on the basis of a combined passion for technology and cameras, and that shines through in our dedication to carefully chosen cameras and accessories, as well as our commitment to excellent customer service. We currently offer a choice of two cameras, each to a high specification and quality that cannot be beaten, and we believe you will be impressed with our surprisingly affordable prices for up to the minute technology. Take a look at the specifications and you will be surprised just how capable the equipment we provide can be.

The 360Fly, for example, is a very capable machine that can be used to record HD 360-degree video in any situations, and you can stream live via a free app if you wish, so take your viewers along for the ride! With three hours of battery life this model is very popular, and at our prices we can’t be beaten! We promise that, once you have tried a 360-degree camera, you will see video in a different light, and many social media users are waking up to the sheer brilliance of these devices. Have a closer look at the 360 Cameras website now, or get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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