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With the fast paced technological age gathering more and more momentum and camera’s evolving along with this fast pace, the advances made with 360 degree camera’s has opened up a whole new point of view from which to not only film, but to share, your extreme sports with everyone!

When you get back from an adrenaline and adventure filled experience outdoors, you can now share your experience with your family, your friends or on YouTube, to create a 360 degree immersion experience that you can relive and share!

Not all your friends or family are into the actual sport, but, they watch as you pour all your time and energy into your passion, and, for them to be able to share in it with you allows them to see exactly why you are passionate about whatever sport it is you do.

Gone are the days when you would have to step back from a ride, whether on terra firma or on water, in order to do the filming, now you get to join the pack free to focus on the journey. You will never miss a shot because you were pointing the camera in the wrong direction, or worry about who to film in any group.

The 360FLY cameras that we feature on our website at 360 Cameras will not only film whatever it is pointed at, but everything else around it as well, well and truly making you a fly on the wall.

This 360FLY camera mounts to anything a standard action camera would with its small, compact size – 4 x 4 bikes, mountain bikes, surf boards, helmets and skate decks to mention just a few.

With the help and expert guidance from the guys at 360 Cameras, you could become your own video producer, and with a little extra work, turn out top quality content if the creative juices are flowing through your adrenaline fuelled veins.

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